The Issues

Limiting daily intake of sodium benefits diabetes patients by lowering blood pressure leading to other health benefits, but patients should focus less on the salt shaker and more on what they buy in the supermarket and at chain restaurants. Global Taste products significantly reduce the amount of salt needed in prepared foods and ready meals AND also offer great tasting alternatives to use at the table.

Heart patients who continue to eat a high-sodium diet have a higher risk of being hospitalized within three years from another heart attack, compared to patients who consume lesser amounts of salt. Excess sodium in the daily diet contributes significantly to high blood pressure leading to hypertension and heart failure. Global Taste products significantly reduce the amount of sodium required to manufacture great tasting foods.

Obesity is a major problem globally so helping consumers feel satisfied after eating helps to reduce snack attacks. Global Taste products really can help consumers to actively reduce their calorie intake since some of the ingredients we use are actually “tasted” in the stomach long after the end of a meal!